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Rough Diamonds Procurement

Fully honored with ethics & principles, we, at Veer Gems, indeed authenticate the origin of every rough diamond that we procure.
Rough diamonds procured through legitimate sources, are in line with the demand for polished diamonds. Rough diamonds are diamonds in their natural state, as they were removed from the depths of the soil and preceding the enduring polishing process which lends the stone the glitter and luster that characterize diamonds in the eyes of non-diamond experts or a layman.
Being a customer-oriented firm, we do buy diamonds from market based on their demand with full integrity.

Rough Manufacturing & Polished Diamonds

A diamond becomes valuable - and tradeable - only when it is polished. The rough is only perceived as valuable by - indeed - the manufacturer. Not by the layman. Procuring rough diamond is the first step to convert the stone into a faceted gem and it's an art!
We perform this art at our manufacturing unit. We have latest machineries to meet the industry requirement.
You may go through the process of converting a rough diamond into a polished faceted gem here!

Diamond Trading

If you think everything that shines is very costly than you must come to us. With us nothing is expensive than our customer's feelings. To meet the demand of our highly prestigious clients, we make diamonds available to them in all sizes, shapes and cuts. Based on the client's requirement, we source out the diamond from the market at the best price and make it available to them - be it rough or a polished gem.
We have great deals waiting for you!

Investment Diamonds

Now-a-days, diamonds are not only women's best friend but also an investor's best friend. We understand that global financial markets show volatility and instability, affluent investors and collectors around the world are taking a closer look at rare, hard assets to diversify their portfolio and protect their wealth.
A diamond investment does not provide an instant income but can add value to the original investment amount. Diamond is a discreet and easily transportable investment. The value compared to the weight is very high since one carat of diamond corresponds to 0.20g. The value of a diamond can represent one or several golden bars.

Luxury Diamonds

Tradition of wearing jewelry begins with the early start of civilization. Earlier also people loved to wear various jewelries. It is only with the passage of time that taste for jewelries has changed. It was once gold which had stolen the hearts of people of all ages and class. But now gold has been replaced by diamond.
Not only this, Today people are too much fashion conscious. They want to follow the latest in terms of fashion, be it their costumes, accessories, cosmetics or jewelry. Jewelry is on top of fashion chart these days. There is a need for innovative, elite, and unique jewelry designs, not only by the elite class, but almost all. We take care your need with the beautiful, sparkling and elite diamonds.

AKS - A Jewelry Brand

AKS is our diamond jewelry brand. AKS - A Reflection, a reflection of eternal inner beauty. The magical charm of AKS, enchants the soul & the perfect beauty which is beyond one's wildest imagination.A jewelry that is bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style. It's a great way to say, "I will love you forever".
Yes, that's our unique jewelry brand, our AKS!