Customer Service and Satisfaction - Carat Weight

Customer Service and Satisfaction are similar to the carat weight of a diamond.
As Carat Weight of a diamond increases, so does its rarity. Same is for Veer Gems with regards to customer service and satisfaction. They are the 2 factors that differentiate one company from the other.
Customer Service, it is as simple as it sounds, providing service to a customer. Service can be answering questions about a product, selling a product or even providing solutions as to how use a product. Customer service is not just answering the phone with a smile or making a sell, it is giving a customer all they require to in order to buy and use or even return what we are selling. Good customer service is having the knowledge of what we are selling, the ability to answer any question or concern regarding the product, and making a customer feel confident in their decision to purchase your product.
At Veer Gems, it is meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of clients and making them feel welcome, excited and valued. A large part is ensuring customer convenience & satisfaction.
Carat weight is the measurement of a diamond and customer service and satisfaction is the measurement of a company's performance. Indeed, they go hand-in-hand.

Credibility - Color

Pure Diamond is colorless. A totally colorless diamond allows light to pass through it easily, resulting in the light being dispersed as the color of the rainbow. This is what Credibility means to Veer Gems - A Pure Diamond, A Pure mark of Trust... All the colors of the rainbow are reflected back to your eye.
Credibility is earned, it doesn't come freely; it is a direct outcome of our 3 decennium's conscious effort. It is not up to us, it is up to what our clients have to say about us. It is the impression that our clients have about us.
At Veer Gems, Credibility is the direct result of exhibiting certain qualities consistently. To us, it is the feedback that we get from our clients as a result of who we are, what we do and what we represent. It is the highest form of compliment we could ever ask for in life or in business.

Customer Relations - Clarity

The diamond's clarity is a description of its internal purity.
Customers are our most valuable assets. Building and maintaining an eye-clean, a strong customer relationship is the cornerstone of our business. Constant communication and listening to our customers is what we always aim at. It's all about recognizing and understanding the customers, and each one is unique. Each one of them makes a lot of difference to us.
Customer Relations are free of blemishes and pure, and therefore, very valuable.

Corporate Responsibility - Cut

The beauty of a diamond depends more on cut than any other factor. Though extremely difficult to analyze and quantify....
Though the CSR activities are difficult to analyze and quantify, it brings brilliancy and scintillation into our business. Business goals are inseparable from the societies and environments within which they operate. With our strong cultural roots, with high CSR standards, we demonstrate our responsibilities to the stock holders, employees, customers, and the general public. Our growth purely depends on the growth of the society and the people of the society.